Getting Started

Welcome to the Microsearch Multimedia Search help site.  This site will answer your basic search and navigation questions for our DocumentSearch, VideoSearch, and MultimediaSearch solutions. Use the search box in the upper right hand corner of any page in this site to jump to any topic.

Microsearch provides two options for inputting search queries. Users can select which option to use based on their own preferences.

1. Precise Language search is a bit more strict in its query language, but more accurate (in the sense that documents that are found are more likely to be the document the user wanted). Details about the Precise Language search instructions can be found here.

2.  Simplified search utilizes a more contemporary, user-friendly query language, similar to popular web search languages.

Simplified search generally will find more documents, although the documents sometimes aren’t the closest matches to the user’s intent.  Details about the Simplified search instructions can be found here.

The main differences in search results from the two search syntax options are:

While the for a single word search each option produces the exact same results, for a phrase search,  results can be significantly different. For instance, for the phrase  just cause,

  • Precise Language search searches for the two exact words precisely one space apart;
  • Simplified search searches for any document containing the two words, regardless of where the words are in the document.

A chart comparing search query rules can be accessed here.

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Thanks for using Microsearch.  Send an email to let us know if we can provide more information.