Precise Search

Precise Search

The Microsearch search engine always performs a precise search, looking for precise words or phrases. Search precision is increased by using the metadata that has been included in the database as filters to limit the number of documents found, making manageable a process that without a filters can yield hundreds or even thousands of documents with hits.

To take advantage of this precise search capability, the users will begin by clicking on the Search tab located near the top of the database home page.


This will bring the user to the Search Page. The Search Page includes all the metadata filter fields, as well as the main search box.  In the example below, there is the main search box (FULL-TEXT SEARCH), the (DATE) box, and (CAR PART NUMBER AND TITLE) box.


To the right of the FULL-TEXT SEARCH box is a Button that says INDEX.  One of the features of the Microsearch engine is that it displays a list of all indexed words in the entire database.  In this example, if you input the letters traff in the FULL-TEXT SEARCH box, and press the INDEX button, you will see the following:

12-Index Button

In the visible index, sometimes referred to as a WordWheel, you can see that the word traffic is in the database 7197 times, and in 606 Records (or documents).  If you press on the word traffic in the index, Microsearch will insert the word traffic into the search box.

Let’s take a look at the filters.


The DATE filter allows the user to limit the number of documents found, assuming the relevant dates are known. Putting the screen cursor in the DATE filter field brings up a list of choices, and when a choice is made, the relevant calendar is opened.


Clicking on the chosen date will direct the search engine to place that date in the relevant DATE filter box.

The TITLE box likewise has an INDEX function.  Putting the screen cursor in the  TITLE box will enable that INDEX.  In this case, the user inputted the letters tr, and the index jumped to those letters.  Clicking on any word in the displayed word index would insert that word into the search filter box.