Document and Hit Navigation

The Microsearch supports document-to-document navigation within the Table of Contents: it also supports Hit-to-Hit navigation within open documents with Hits.

Opening a Document

With the list of documents exposed, opening the document is as simple as clicking on the document title.  The document will open.


If the document is an Adobe PDF, you may need to have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer: some modern browsers don’t require that you have an Adobe Reader installed, but some do.  You can install the free Adobe Reader by going here.

Table of Contents Navigation

When a document is open as a result to scrolling to the document in the Table of Contents, users can navigate through the document and go to the next document or previous document in the Table of Contents, using the exposed Navigation Bar.


Hit List Navigation

When the User has performed a search and has a document with Hits open, navigation is possible, both Hit to Hit, and Hit to next Document with Hits.