TAB Help

What’s Under the Tabs?

Microsearch provides tabs for navigating to various screens used to get things done.

Unregistered Users

Unregistered Users see the fewest tabs.  Generally, unregistered users see the following:


Registered Users

Registered Users fall into two categories: Site Administrators, and Site Users.  The Registered User Home Page Tab structure looks as follows:20-RegisteredUserTabBar


Clicking the Preferences Tab reveals a list of user preferences that registered uses can use to instruct Microsearch to respond in their preferred manner.  The preferences that can be set include:

  • Which Document filter fields to display along with the opened document;
  • Which Document filter fields to display on the Search Results page;
  • How many Document Titles to display on each page of the Search Results
  • Whether to order the documents in the Search Results page by number of Hits in the documents, in descending order, or in the same order as they are in the Table of Contents;
  • Whether to show or hide the context around Hits in the Search Results page
  • If Context is to shown, how many words before and after each Hit to show
  • What is the maximum number of words from a document to be shown in the context for a single document
  • What filter field to show as the Document Title in the Table of Contents

The Preferences setting page looks like this:


These are the settings that Registered Users can change to improve their level of satisfaction:

Most of these setting affect the amount of information to be acquired from Microsearch.  Users of mobile devices, for instance, might want to minimize the amount of information they download to minimize their broadband costs, and maximize their speed.

Administrator-only Tabs

Two tabs are used by administrators only: Users, and Reports

Users Tab

Under the Users tab, Administrators can view lists of registered users.



Under the Reports Tab, Site Administrators can find Activity Reports by document database.

23-Activity Reports