Special Features

Microsearch provides a number of special features our clients have asked for over the years.  Some of these features are quite unique.  Here’s a list:

  • Image/Text Toggle button for scanned pages
  • Sticky Notes
  • Saved Searches
  • Search Refinement
  • User Preferences

In addition to the list of new features, existing features have been improved in the latest releases of Microsearch.

  1. Browser Compatibility – Microsearch is compatible with all major browsers
  2. Speed – Microseach has significant performance improvement in document load times and browse functions in the latest release (April 2014).
  3. Access to PDF versions – the new product has the PDF version of the document readily available rather than part of the fielded elements
  4. User account modification:  Users have more control over their own account and can change update profile information
  5. Redefine Search – Users can refine existing searches or clear the search form from the search results page.
  6. Better HTML symbol display – There is better display of symbols and other non-standard HTML characters.