Search Rules



Search Rules 

The search function of a VIDEO SEARCH ENGINE (VIDSE) is incredibly easy to use: it works just the way you would expect it to work.  We call it Simplified Search to describe the search language: our Multi-media Search Engine offers two different search languages (Simplified Search, and Precise Search, which features Boolean search operators).

For your review, below is the list of commonly used Simplified Search commands.

One-word search: To find videos containing the exact word, enter that word, then press Search. VIDSE will return a list of videos containing that word. The searched word will appear highlighted in the context of the search results, as well as in the transcription in the open video when playing. The more often the word occurs in the video, the higher the video will rank in the hit list, with the video with the most occurrences of the word at the top of the hit list.

Multiple-word Search: Enter the words you want to search for, with a single space between the words. For instance, enter the two words global warming and VIDSE will find every video containing either:

  1. the word global
  2. the word warming
  3. both of the words.

Videos containing both words will score higher in the Search Results page.

Phrase Search: To find videos that contain an exact phrase, enter the desired phrase within quotation marks: “global warming”.  Vidse will find every video with the phrase global warming in the transcription.

Special Operators: VIDSE special operators include the plus + and the minus signs:

  • global warming (No special operator. Vidse finds videos that contain either word, or both)
  • global +warming (Vidse finds videos/documents that contain both words.  Note that the proper syntax is the word global, followed by a space, followed by the plus sign, followed by the second word.)
  • global warming (Vidse finds videos/documents containing the first word but not the second word)
  • warming (Vidse finds videos/documents that do not contain a designated word)
  • Proximity Searches: VIDSE supports proximity searches implicitly in search results. Words which are closer together will score higher than words which are further apart, yielding a higher position in the search results.