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Once the user has entered the search terms and pressed Search, DocumentSearch creates a list of all documents that meet the search expression. This is called the Hit List. Below is an image of a Hit List, with comments about the Hit List elements.


At the bottom of each page in the Hit List (if there are more than 1 page of Hits) is the Hit List Page Navigator, allowing the users to jump from page to page within the Hit List, or back to the First Page, or all the way to the Last Page. It looks like this:


Hits in Context

Context is defined as the words around Hits in the Hit List. Context and the amount of context is very useful because by examining the context, users can more easily decide which documents to open. Some users prefer a great deal of context while other users prefer minimal amounts of context.

Users of Private Document Databases, and those who register for Public document databases, can change the number of words surrounding each Hit, from none to 100 words. This one of the several Preferences that can be changed under the Preferences Tab.

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